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NomadRez was designed to streamline the process of waiting and eliminate complicated factors. As we continue to grow NomadRez has functions that are one of a kind. Functions you won't find anywhere else. Our housekeeping portal is one of them.


Our innovative software allows you to receive charges from housekeeping immediately. After every cleaning you'll get charged directly to your account so you don't have to wait to pay a bill. 

Moreover, since our platform is 100% fully automated for all housekeepers, this means you get paid instantaneously. Our intuitive platform creates a seamless process for billing and automated reports and data.

Office Space
  • Automatic collection of cleaning fees from the homeowners

  • Request extra payments 

  • Add notes and upload images about issues

  • Monthly Statements

  • Multiple teams management and work splitting and scheduling

  • Calendar for visual representation of expected reservations

  • Add Non-Nomadness properties to the calendar and schedule cleaning 

  • Indication if customers requested early arrival or late departure

  • Easy to use from a tablet - no computer required

  • Tracking scheduled property inspections as well as cleanin

Man Using Smart Tablet
  • Automated paychecks

  • Automated bills

  • Simple and easy to use

Market Analysis
  • 1 - 200 Properties: 5%

  • 201 -500 Properties: 4%

  • 500 - 1,000 Properties: 3%

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